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Our Founders are Named Top 20 Entrepreneurs by Forbes!

top entrepreneurs forbes

Back in the day, we both used to read Forbes and dream of being in there – what separated us from everyone else was that we never thought it was too wild of a dream.

Having been featured on Forbes multiple times now, we’ve been very happy about that honor – but yesterday we found out about something much bigger!

(Hint: and its the purrfect stepping stone for our ultimate goal – to be on the cover!)

We’ve been listed as 2 of the top 20 entrepreneurs in the world that can help people become millionaires – and Des’ nickname, The Branding Queen, has been cemented into Forbes forever.

You can check out the article here – give it a share if you like the tips inside and make sure you follow all of the phenomenal people in it (and us too!)

We definitely recommend implementing the advice in the article – you may just find yourself tripling your revenue in no time.


Des and Guna.

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